James A Peterson Veteran Village

Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin would like to thank everyone for the generous support as we move into our next step to house homeless veterans. Our first Tiny Home will be completed soon and we welcome everyone to stop and take a look. This home will be on display at our Walk/Run fundraiser May 14th at J.I.Case High School and later the same evening at our Fundraiser Dinner at Charcoal Grill,Hwy 20 Racine. If you cannot make it to these events please follow us on Facebook or check back here often to see where we will have the Tiny Home on display next

 Our Tiny Home Village will be a two year program to help veterans who have fallen on hard times. We will be able to immediately get veterans off the streets and into their new Tiny Home where they will be safe, warm, dry, and comfortable. Once we have them stable in their new home we will be working closely with them to assist with mental health counseling, addiction counseling, work search, financial advise, and lastly permanent housing. Our goal is to bring all the tool necessary to them to not only recover from homelessness but to break the cycle to ensure they do not return to homelessness in the future. 

 The James A Peterson Veteran Village will consist of 15 Tiny Home structures that will be complete with bed and bedding, refrigerator, microwave, television set, and couch. Each home will also have a compost toilet. The homes will be centered around a community building which will hold a full kitchen stocked through our food pantry, showers and bathrooms, and a meeting room for on site counseling.  Residents will have 24 hour access to this community building while living in their tiny home. 

 At the end of their two year period we will have assisted them in finding good stable employment, have a counseling plan in affect for any ongoing treatment they may be in need of,  a budget set up by a financial adviser, and we will help them move in to their own stable permanent home. Through our other programs we will supply any home furnishings needed for their new home, they may also visit our food pantry on a weekly basis if needed, and also continue to work with them so they may never become homeless again.

 We here at Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin are dedicated to giving a hand up to this nations heroes. We welcome all of you to join us in this effort to help our veterans return to a life they deserve. Thank you all for your support and together we can end veteran homelessness.